Kuuhubb, Brunette Games Announce Development of New Game “Tiles & Tales”
Kippis, the Kuuhubb Way

What We Do

We provide a valuable service to clients looking for top-notch narrative design and writing through a professionally insured, full-service boutique studio. At any stage of the development process, we step in and bring a combined experience of nearly 30 years in game design and storytelling to our clients' projects. We originate game concepts, propose storylines and characters, and even innovate new mechanics to best serve narrative as a game. We also assess current projects for better narrative, either replacing or enhancing what's already working. We write all in-game text, from cut-scene dialogue to tutorial instructions and UI messages. When you work with Brunette Games, you're tapping a dedicated, committed, highly professional team who will be there when you need us.

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