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COVID-19 Update from Brunette Games

Today's view from the home office window.

Life seems surreal this morning as we read of the border closing (by mutual consent) between Canada and the U.S., in an effort to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. Here in St. Louis, our iconic Gateway Arch just closed to visitors. Restaurants, gyms, yoga studios (including mine), schools and universities, museums, and other public gathering places have closed. Notable in this region with an active Catholic community, all masses have been canceled. There's a danger of a blood shortage because so many blood drives have been canceled.

The count of those known to be infected with the virus here is relatively small: 15, as of last night. But Chicago is just up the interstate, with 160 cases and one death. We know our family, friends, and colleagues on the West Coast, especially Seattle - where more than 1,000 people have tested positive and 52 have died - are feeling this pandemic even more.

Our work, however, continues, despite all this, including cancellation of the Game Development Conference, which would have taken place this week. We miss the opportunity to meet with our clients and friends. But we've been a remote company since the early days when it was just me and my computer, freelancing from home. Our entire staff continues to work from home, serving clients remotely as our regular method of doing business. And that business must go on.

Our hearts go out to our clients in China, who've continued to press on despite their location near ground zero. Many of our clients are able to shift to work-from-home arrangements, and that's a huge advantage our industry has over others. Hopefully it will help us all weather the tide of what's to come.

Stay safe out there, everyone. We wish you well.


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