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Official game artwork

By Dexter Woltman

As a casual game player who grew up on a farm and played a lot of card games, Brunette Games' latest collaboration hits especially close to home for me. New from Tuyoo Game is Solitaire Tripeaks: Farm and Family! Tuyoo Game came to us with an engaging concept that showed a preference for grounded storytelling. As often happens here at Brunette Games, they asked us to rework their existing script draft as well as further develop beyond that start with much more content. The result is an app that we think pushes the boundaries in casual game storytelling. 

In-game screenshot of the game's map

If you're looking for honest storytelling, Farm and Family is the game for you! The title balances real-life issues such as divorce, medical illnesses, and economic challenge with the straightforward charm and humor audiences have come to love. The story follows Rachel Brix, a former city girl who's trying to get in touch with her roots by saving the family farm. As Rachel remembers her past and propels new business ventures, she gets the chance to rediscover herself and be the woman she's always wanted to be. And by playing the role of Rachel's close friend, you get to be part of the story every step of the way!


In-game screenshots of the game's dialogue

 Farm and Family uses a tripeaks style of solitaire. This means it builds off the classic formula to introduce new, exciting mechanics to the solitaire gameplay. Much like a causal match-3 game, every level provides a new type of challenge to overcome.

In-game screenshot of an early solitaire level

If that's not enough to get you interested, hear it from the developers themselves. Below is the official App Store description of the title:

Relax yourself in this fantastic solitaire tripeaks card game and start your own adventure with our heroine Rachel!

Rich contents in different levels:

  • Hundreds of challenging levels
  • Collect enough fragments to finish the jigsaw level and get rewards
  • In Molly’s Kitchen, complete the challenges to feed the hungry kitty

Combination of classical and creative gameplay:

  • Classical Solitaire game
  • Various special puzzles such as Gear cards, Kitty cards, Balloon cards… More interesting things for you to discover!

Heart-warming stories:

  • Help Rachel operate the abandoned farm and create your own business. Listen to the Brix family about their old memories and help them come through the difficult period

Other features:

  • Help Rachel collect more stars to level up her farm
  • Try your luck in the Fortune Wheel to win big surprises
  • Explore treasures in the mean marmot’s cave every day

More exciting content for you to discover. Come and join Solitaire: Farm and Family now!


There's lots to discover in this endearing title! Download now, and tell us here at Brunette Games what you think!



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