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New Release! Escape to the Countryside with Sparkling Society’s ‘City Escape’!

City Escape

By Jenna Hume

Brunette Games is proud to announce the release of the story-driven puzzle game City Escape Garden Blast Story. It has been a true team effort to create the Filburn family and their world in collaboration with client Sparkling Society. Lisa Brunette, Dexter Woltman, and I all had a hand in writing and designing this game, with Lisa providing the initial concept and Dexter and I designing the chapter narratives and task flows as well as writing all dialogue. In City Escape, the Filburn family—Melanie, David, Chloe, and Ben—flee the hustle and bustle of city life to create a home on a farm in the countryside. But do the Filburns have what it takes to run their own homestead? Their grumpy neighbor Owen certainly doesn’t think so!


Official Description

Want to take an offline break from the city and escape to the countryside to build your dream home? Design homes, play colorful puzzles, beat challenging levels, and harvest your way through the exciting story of Melanie and her family, who try to turn an abandoned farm into a dream home. Will they be able to overcome all the drama and live happily ever after with your help?

City Escape 2

Find out in this offline game: City Escape - Garden Blast Story! In this story-driven match-3 blast puzzle game with memorable characters, animals, and exciting quests, you move from the city and design, decorate, and restore an old farm house in the countryside. It's a great city island family adventure. Together, you'll build, restore, renovate and customize the entire farm and its buildings and garden. Far away from the escaped city, you will need to solve mysteries and puzzles, follow a story about village life, and renovate a mansion garden while having a blast!

Play addictive mini puzzle games with bubbles and fruity boosters to earn stars! Complete quests and tasks and beat challenging levels! In this village life simulator, each quest or task will unfold a piece of drama with the characters from your city family in the countryside landscape.

- See how the adventurous story unfolds for the lovely family
- The island is yours! Restore the area into a dream village: decorate it with numerous items, grow gardens in the various farm landscapes, take care of the animals and countryside
- Beat colorful levels and use fruity boosters
- Meet other interesting characters and watch them interact with each other
- Enjoy the beautiful landscapes: design homes, houses, gardens. Farm and build and solve puzzles at the same time!

City Escape is available to play today on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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