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Brunette Games' Summer Master Class: The Strange, the Tone, and the Bountiful

Brunette Games Shot for the Stars at Pocket Gamer Connects!

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Writer | Designers Jenna Hume, Dexter Woltman, and Sara Hardin after a successful Superstar Session at PGC - Toronto.

If you attended this year's Pocket Gamer Connects conference in Toronto, you may have spotted three white polos sporting the Brunette Games logo taking the stage. In their Superstar Session, Writer | Designers Dexter Woltman, Jenna Hume, and Sara Hardin gave a presentation titled, "How to Integrate Gameplay and Story," breaking down the importance of seamless narrative integration in mobile games alongside examples of Brunette Games' work in numerous beloved titles. The two-day event was full of opportunities to connect with companies and individuals alike, each with unique ideas and perspectives about the industry. This—along with the chance to finally try the Canadian delicacy that is poutine—made the trip one to remember, and we look forward to the chance for more in the future!