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New Release! Fall Down the Rabbit Hole into NewBornTown’s ‘Mergeland: Alice’s Adventure’!

By Jenna Hume

Brunette Games is proud to announce the release of the story-driven merge game Mergeland: Alice’s Adventure. Sara Hardin, Lisa Brunette, and I worked with our client NewBornTown to add a modern twist on this old story. As someone with a lifelong love for all things related to Lewis Carroll’s original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, working on this project has truly been a dream. 

In Mergeland: Alice’s Adventure, meet the modern teenager, Ally, as she falls down the rabbit hole into a world both familiar and different. Convinced she’s dreaming, Ally accepts a quest from the White Queen to restore Wonderland, as the world around them has fallen into ruin. Why? None of Wonderland’s inhabitants can seem to remember. Curiouser and curiouser… Merge items across Wonderland to restore it and its characters and maybe solve a mystery or two along the way. 


Official Description

Discover the world of Mergeland: Alice's Adventure. Unlock new items, explore new lands, and create your own wonderland through matching and merging!

A wonderful fairy-tale world awaits you! Here, you can follow in the footsteps of the little girl Ally. Revisit Wonderland; save the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Duchess, and other characters; and help the White Queen stop the Queen of Hearts from destroying Wonderland again! You can save the Wonderland and restore it to its original form by merging three identical items into one or five into two. Come and experience it now!


Help Ally reexplore the lost fantasy world from a century and a half ago and save the characters in Wonderland again. How will she handle bizarre encounters and new challenges?

Classic Characters

Unlock more characters, reunite with friends from a century and a half ago, and rechallenge the evil Queen of Hearts!

Delicious Recipes

Complete delicious recipes to earn magic wands and coins. How about your friends’ food preferences? They’re waiting for you to find out!

Rich Gaming Experience

As you explore this fantasy world, you'll get treasure chests, diamonds, and new resources.

Hundreds of game items are waiting for you to match, merge, and build. There are more mysterious buildings waiting for you to discover!

Complete unique challenges to win tons of rewards, special themed magical items and outfits!

Download now and explore the world of Mergeland: Alice's Adventure!

Mergeland: Alice’s Adventure is available to play today on the Google Play Store.

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