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New Release! Puzzle Your Way through a Charming Story in ZiMAD's 'Jigsaw Puzzle Villa'


By Sara Hardin

Brunette Games is thrilled to announce the release of ZiMAD's new game, Jigsaw Puzzle Villa. Lisa Brunette designed the concept, story, and most of the characters, as well as wrote the dialogue for the first few chapters. I extended the story design, characters, and dialogue in the later launch build chapters, with help from Jenna Hume and Dexter Woltman.

In this endearing game, you play as Justine, a passionate jigsaw puzzler who finds herself falling in love with Spain when she attends a championship competition there. Friendships blossom, romance sparks, and beauty abounds as Justine helps her host and new friend Valentina give her villa a new lease on life.

ZiMAD's passionate team was a dream to work with on this project, and their dedication is clear in the beautiful art they've created to accompany this rich cast of characters. If you're still not sold, wait until you hear that you get to name a goat... one who's a surprisingly good listener, at that. We know you'll be as charmed by this game as we are. Check it out on the Google Play Store now!

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Official Description

Welcome to the Puzzle Competition World! Justine needs your help! Win the championship by solving jigsaw puzzles! Renovate the Villa! Solve a jigsaw puzzle, earn coins, and obtain fancy modern things for the house! Turn an abandoned mansion into a stunning Villa!

Enjoy your favorite design puzzle game and take part in the Jigsaw Puzzle Villa competition with Justine. Become a champion jigsaw puzzle solver!

1. Put puzzle pieces together to complete colorful HD pictures;
2. Gain energy, earn coins, and use them to decorate the Mansion;
3. Use boosters and hints to solve puzzles – re decor the House as quickly as possible!
4. Renovate the first room and go to the next one, which will be even more interesting! There are so many rooms in this old house!
5. Follow the captivating plot of Justine’s puzzle competition story.

You have an amazing opportunity to renovate and decorate an old Spanish Villa the way you want!
But remember, puzzle solving is an important mission in this home design game. You can choose the level of difficulty and the number of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Do puzzles to unlock more furniture for the Mansion!

- immersion in exciting puzzle solving competition;
- combination of free puzzles and home design gameplay makes the game more enjoyable and entertaining;
- more than 1000 colorful HD pictures!
- opportunity to choose puzzle difficulty (more pieces – more coins!)
- hints to help with jigsaws;
- great variety of different furniture and house decorations;
- huge number of rooms awaiting renovation!
- exciting plot of Justine’s story;
- captivating dialogues;
- excellent graphics and sound;
- free game with in-app purchases – make faster progress through the story!
- regular updates with new levels and furniture pieces!

Do you like puzzles and interior design games? Download Jigsaw Puzzle Villa, an incredibly exciting decoration puzzle game!
Solve more jigsaw puzzles and help Justine win the World Puzzle Championship!
Villa renovation, home design, and jigsaw puzzles – 100% fun guaranteed!

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