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Employee Spotlight: Jenna Hume, Werewolves, and Sharks—Oh, My!

Jenna and her husband, Kyle, on their wedding day.

This Employee Spotlight is all about the bright and talented team member Jenna Hume. Read on for her thoughts on work, play, and Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

What's your favorite thing about working for Brunette Games?

The team! Not to sound sappy, but your coworkers can make or break your experience at a job, and my coworkers at BG have made this job an amazing experience. We all collaborate on projects well, cheer each other on, and respect everyone's creative voice—I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with.

What's your favorite thing about being a game writer?

Coming up with fresh concepts! I love thinking outside the box and giving our clients new ideas players will hopefully love.

What do you like to see in games as a player?

Main characters with personality—there aren't enough of them out there. I get that we as writers and designers want our games to be relatable, but you can do that while still having interesting characters. A great example is our work on M&M'S Adventure, where the characters have plenty of personality.

What's your favorite movie or TV show? Why?

MTV's Teen Wolf will always hold a special place in my heart. Is every season good? No—Season 4 was horrible. But the good seasons are amazing, and the show is overlooked as a whole due to the MTV label and a mediocre first season. The best season by far is Season 3b (don't ask me to explain how the seasons work—no one knows, especially Jeff Davis), and Dylan O'Brien deserves way more credit for his acting this season than he received.

What's a surprising/interesting fact about you?

I'm absolutely obsessed with Discovery Channel's Shark Week. It's a problem. I've watched annually since 2005, and my family knows not to text or call me while new specials are airing. My favorite shark is the bull shark, because they're problematic and can swim in both fresh and saltwater. Don't ask me my opinion on the celebrities featured in Shark Week; I could and will rant for hours.

How do you like to spend your personal time?

Currently most of my personal time is spent trying to get caught up on Critical Role, which seems like an impossible task and one I almost regret. The internet is scary and full of spoilers.