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Brunette Games Toasts to 2022


Every December, the Brunette Games team gets together to celebrate the year and ring in the holidays. This year, we spent an evening at a St. Louis board game bar and café called Pieces. The writing team introduced Lisa and Anthony to Superfight, a game that allowed everyone to flex their creative muscles (and resulted in some highly-entertaining debates surrounding the efficacy of Darth Vader teaming up with Pikachu in a fight against Robin Hood).

We also held a white elephant gift exchange, the spoils of which included punctuation-inspired Christmas tree ornaments, a card deck of writing prompts, and a bag of coffee (an essential tool in any writer's arsenal).

The Bru Crew at the Brunette Games 2022 Christmas party.

Because each of our team members works from their own home office, we value any time we get to spend together in person. This year's holiday party was no exception!

From the Brunette Games Press...

It's the perfect time of year to snag copies of the Dreamslippers Series for your own collection during Smashwords' end-of-year sale. Get the first ebook in the series for free, the boxed set for 75% off, or the second and third books for 50% off, each. 


Brunette Games wishes you happy holidays and a Happy New Year! We look forward to an even more successful and exciting 2023.