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Ringing in the New Year with Local Industry Friends

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Sara Hardin and Dexter Woltman posing for a 'sweet' portrait.

On January 22, the St. Louis Game Developers Co-op celebrated a long-awaited in-person event with a holiday party at a local St. Louis brewery. The St. Louis Game Developer Co-op is a great resource for local game developers looking for fellowship and network opportunities. In addition to fostering a welcoming place for game industry folks to collaborate, they also signal-boost small creators and serve as an educational source for developers and creatives across all gaming mediums.

Dexter Woltman and Sara Hardin attended as Brunette Games representatives and enjoyed an evening socializing with local game-industry professionals and hopefuls. In addition to local game developers, designers, and programmers, there were a couple of games available to demo. Sara and Dexter had a great time trying out an in-development project from Shiny Dolphin Games called Zap Blastum: Galactic Tactics, a top-down, twin stick shooter.

The event took place at Earthbound Beer, a well-known St. Louis brewery.

To top off the event, the organizers acknowledged participants' released games from 2022 and commemorated their achievements with patches. Brunette Games repped with an impressive list of released titles featuring our narrative work over the last few years:

Jane Austen Solitaire, Super Gaming (2020)
Disney Frozen Adventures, Jam City (2020)
Crime Mysteries: Find Objects, G5 Entertainment (2020)
Ava's Manor: A Solitaire Story, Uken Games/Mighty Kingdom (2020)
Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, Jam City (2021)
Family Guy: Another Freakin' Mobile Game, Jam City (2021)
Animal Island, Gear/Tilting Point (2021)
Kingdoms of Heckfire, A Thinking Ape (2021)
Cooking Confidential, Archosaur (2021)
Magnum Quest, Tuyoo Games (2021)
Jellipop Match, MicroFun (2022)
Merge Mansion, Metacore/Supercell (2022)
City Escape, Sparkling Society (2022)
M&M'S Adventure, Gear/Tilting Point (2022)
Mergeland: Alice's Adventure, NewBornTown (2022)
Jigsaw Puzzle Villa, ZiMAD (2022)
Solitaire Grand Harvest, Playtika (2022)
Cash Journey, Jumbo (2022)

These milestone patches were awarded to local developers.

As a St. Louis-based company, participating in St. Louis Game Developer Co-op events is just one way Brunette Games engages with the local community. We frequently hold in-person meetings and workshops at the Mid-County Chamber of Commerce, through which Brunette Games has supported small, local businesses for years via continuous membership. The Chamber has shown its own support for Brunette Games by featuring us in a Business Spotlight and a Founder Feature on Lisa Brunette.

We look forward to attending future St. Louis Game Developer Co-op events, where we can congregate - and commiserate - with the area's best and brightest in the gaming field!